Harmony Home OÜ

Harmony Home OÜ ordered full service with website development,;graphic design for offer templates, business cards, logo etc; marketing activities (Google, Facebook, Instagram ads); SEO, social media management etc.

Modera AS

Modera ordered and landing pages development. We also offer them social media management; we write blog posts; handle their SEO, Google ads and email marketing and lots more.


Windak OÜ ordered website from us for their new brand Filapack-ile.

We created website with e-commerce site so that they can demonstrate and sell the 3D printing machines they produce.

For them the most important part was to be able to manage, edit and to develop their website whenever they need and on their own. For this reason we created website with Elementor web builder and created videoinstructions, so there wouldn't be any more need for web admin.


1PUR ordered full service - website development, logo design, copywriting and Facebook, Instagram and Google ads management, so that they could get their business going from the start.

Tallinna Südalinna Kool

Tallinna Südalinna kool wanted to update their old website and ordered professional website development. We set as a goal to develop professional, but fun website with playful design, so that school website visiting would be comfortable and easy.

For them it was most important that everyone who needs to edit and update site, would know what they are doing, so we decided to develop website with Elementor, which makes its simple for everyone edit or add any elements of the site. After that we showed them how to handle everything and created video and text instructions.


Kangasemu (Rozalen OÜ)

Kangasemu (FabricBuddy in estonian) ordered e-commerce shop, to help make their fabric selling business more comfortable and automatic. We developed WooCommerce based e-commerce store, with all Estonian (and baltic countries) bank-payment-links and integrated Omniva, Itella and DPD transport options.


Why pick us?

It's quite common nominator in web-development that companies are creating "custom-coded" websites, that usually means that you have to pay much more than needed.

Our goal is to offer web-development service with reasonable price so that you wouldnt spent all your budget on just creating a site or e-commerce store, but that you are left with enought to order marketing services as well. (preferrably from us) 🙂


Best prices in the market

Instead of trying to invent bycycle for 20th time, we use well supported and best performing solutions, that help us to create extra ordinary results with less time.


We are developing superfast websites

All our websites get on Google Pagespeed 100 points scale at least 80 points in mobile and 90 points on desktop.


Free first-time SEO optimization

Once we create a website, we always go over the content and optimize this to help to bring out your site better in search engines.


Simple and logical system

We develop all our sites with visual website builder, so that once the site is ready you don't need to pay extra for developer every time if something is needed to edited or added on the site. 

Analyzis and statistics

We add Google analytics and Facebook pixel to every site we build, connect these with Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager so you get statistics about visitors, conversions etc. 

Free support

We are there for you unlimited time after website is finished. Free support includes support by email, but if you need more we also offer premium support with website maintance included. 

Secure and stabile

We integrate automatic backup system to you rsite so that you can easily back up your site to preferred date. 


We'll give 24 month quarantee to every site we build. 

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