Why would I need a copywriter?

According to an old urban legend, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, there must be a reason why bookshelves are not filled with picture books from one end to the other and why even Picasso had to swap his beloved paintbrush for a pen from time to time. Sometimes the only way to communicate those thousand words is to literally put them into words.

Well, in case you’re not quite one to have a way with the words or would simply rather dedicate your time to other activities, a professional copywriter can save you a lot of literary trouble.

Hot off the press copy

At a time where, regardless of the industry, there’s more competition than on an average city marathon, they key to success is standing out. Slapping some pink paint on your office or tying a hot air balloon around the chimney, simply won’t cut it these days. As most of your potential clients carry their expeditions out on the World Wide Web, that’s where you need to engage with them.

Your website may be medal-worthy when it comes to design, but without exceptional content, grabbing the attention of your valued visitors is still next to impossible. It’s imperative your amazing products and services are showcased by an outstanding written word. On a tough and highly competitive market, a skilled copywriter is your secret to success. They’ll help give your company and brand a face, character and that je ne sais quoi.

If you want your products and services to be portrayed in the best and most irresistible way possible, reach out to Designation and get our copywriter on your team. That way you can rest assured your endeavours will be accompanied by original, engaging and truly effective content.

What can we help you with?

Website copywriting

If your website boasts a Michaelangelo-worthy design, make sure you don’t ruin the impeccable look with horrendous copy. Brilliant copywriting helps emphasize the beautiful design and together they make an unbeatable duo. Depending on your brand and industry, we help ensure that the copywriting on your website best showcases the essence of your products and services. If you prefer a more buttoned-up professional style, we’ve got you covered! If your brand is more laid-back and approachable, we’ll make sure these vibes shine through the copy on your site.
One of the most vital characteristics of a good copywriter is the ability to adjust to their clients. We like to consider ourselves quite the chameleons!

Email marketing

Email marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective forms of marketing. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to reap most of those benefits if your emails are not engaging or don’t even get opened. Thanks to our extensive, years-long experience on the email marketing field, we know how to make your marketing emails and newsletters engaging and what it takes to help your contacts convert into paying customers.
Regardless of whether you’re sending out newsletters to keep your contacts up-to-date with your activities, or send out marketing emails with the goal of directing your recipients to the checkout page, we’ll help you hit the mark. Leave your email marketing from strategy creation right down to the content and subject line to us, and you’ll soon be celebrating the amazing results.

Social media

Leaving the all-mighty social media unattended these days, could basically be considered a sin. If LinkedIn posts, Instagram captions and Facebook shares are not quite up your alley, we’d be happy to take that burden off your shoulders. We’ll populate your social media channels with on-the-mark texts and engaging posts so you can make the most of this valuable marketing channel. This is a great way to make all of the important web platforms work for you and create a strong online presence.

Other projects

If the content on your website is brilliant, social media following larger than the population of an average country and you can’t even celebrate all the success coming from your email marketing efforts, it’s probably a great time to have a critical look at the rest of your projects. Maybe you could use a helping hand with creating an important presentation, have some writing pieces that could use a bit of translating or need a bit of creative copywriting for brochures, advertisements etc. – we’re here for you!

Why us?



Thanks to our years of experience working with both small, local companies as well as big international corporations, our copywriter has all the necessary tools and knowledge to make the content of any business shine! Our copywriter has worked with various companies from a small printing company to a full-time role as a Senior Copywriter and Content Creator for one of the world’s leading aviation companies, the Emirates Group. Regardless of the industry you’re in, we know our copywriter can adjust to any brand and find a common language with any client.



If there’s one area a perfectionists fits in better than an elf at Santa’s Village, it has to be copywriting. When getting your copywriting done by us, you can rest assured no tone has been left unturned or detailed missed. We are happy to create high-quality content from scratch, rewrite already existing content that could use some sprucing up or give you a hand with translations.



We are happy to help you out with one-time projects as well as endeavours lasting for decades. If you need an exceptional copywriter for just a short period, let us know and we’ll come up with the perfect solutions for you. In case your company needs a bit of outside help with the entire copywriting strategy, we’re just a phone call or email away!


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