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We'll develop superfast loading and professional website for you, so that you can sell your companies services online!

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Or do you need e-commerce site?

If you plan to sell products online, automate your actions regarding the sales and stop wasting time, order an e-commerce site from us!

Website packages

Simple website

500 EUR

Professional website

1000 EUR


from 3000 EUR

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E-commerce site packages

Simple e-commece site

600 EUR

e-commerce site

1200 EUR

e-commerce site

From 3000 EUR


Our websites and e-commerce shops

All our websites and e-commerce sites are created with Elementor , WpBakery or any other visual web building tool.

Why do we do that?
Simple - so that you and your team could manage and update your site yourself. Instead of contacting developer, waiting until they reply and help, you can change or add all the needed information yourself.

Usually developers ask extra fee for these kind of changes / additions once the site is finished, so if you can do all that yourself - you will win time and save money.

Why you should avoid "custom coded" solutions?

We have lots of customers who came to us with the problem that one developer created their website years ago and they paid for all the changes that were done + handling fee to keep shop updated.

This meant that they could not modify nor update sites plugins, theme or even Wordpressil core themselves as something could (and usually did) broke down. This meant that website appearance/design was broken and/or some features were not working.

After a while these customer got fed up and decided to leave the site as it was, they didnt update it as they were tired of paying those enourmous updating fees.

This is common practice in web development as usually customers don't know better and developers / agencies can sell whichever idea they want and sadly customers (You) are the ones to literally pay the price.

After a while what happened was what happens with every site thats not up to date. They usually got hacked and this meant that they needed new site from ground up.

Yes there are exceptions - large corporations that have really special needs and international website with millions of users every day. They really need custom coded solutions, but most companies actually doesn't.

Our suggestion to you is - even if you don't order your website or shop from us - please make sure that your developer builds site with visual building tools and won't custom code any part of page. You'll thank us later. 😉

What is alternative?

Alternative is to use techologies that are proven in time and what are developed and constantly updated / upgraded by worldwide IT companies.

Instead of trying to invent a bicylce again its best to use the best available solutions and tune them to the max. But in web developing sector lots of companies stil try to invent new bicycle and in the process they make lots of mistakes and waste a lot of time that customers are paying for.

This is the reason why our developed websites can actually beat most custom-coded sites in speedtests. With custom coded sites there are risks for developer (human) erros and bugs what cause sites errors and slow speed.

And to show that we are not just saying things we are ready to prove it. Copy the url you landed on (this page or site url) and paste it in here -

Now wait a minute so Google can show what is the loading speed. And after that try with some other sites and compare the speed. We can quarantee that 7 out of 10 times we beat them, and with so much better price.

After this little test is done and you really want fast-loading professional site with reasonable budget, click the button below and contact us.

Why pick us?

It's quite common nominator in web-development that companies are creating "custom-coded" websites, that usually means that you have to pay much more than needed.

Our goal is to offer web-development service with reasonable price so that you wouldnt spent all your budget on just creating a site or e-commerce store, but that you are left with enought to order marketing services as well. (preferrably from us) 🙂


Best prices in the market

Instead of trying to invent bycycle for 20th time, we use well supported and best performing solutions, that help us to create extra ordinary results with less time.


We are developing superfast websites

All our websites get on Google Pagespeed 100 points scale at least 80 points in mobile and 90 points on desktop.


Free first-time SEO optimization

Once we create a website, we always go over the content and optimize this to help to bring out your site better in search engines.


Simple and logical system

We develop all our sites with visual website builder, so that once the site is ready you don't need to pay extra for developer every time if something is needed to edited or added on the site. 

Analyzis and statistics

We add Google analytics and Facebook pixel to every site we build, connect these with Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager so you get statistics about visitors, conversions etc. 

Free support

We are there for you unlimited time after website is finished. Free support includes support by email, but if you need more we also offer premium support with website maintance included. 

Secure and stabile

We integrate automatic backup system to you rsite so that you can easily back up your site to preferred date. 


We'll give 24 month quarantee to every site we build. 

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